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Bangladesh, our motherland, is a resourceful country with a rich cultural heritage. We belong to a noble tradition of a thousand years. Our crafts represent our culture and tradition, and therefore their promotion and expansion are of vital necessity in the present hour in context of our national development. Our crafts are a part of our history and the skilled artisans living in towns and cities as well as in the remote rural areas are builders of this history. So our sacred duty is to encourage our artisans to continue the production of their arts and crafts in order to display the beauty of their creativity. Handloom weaving is by far the most important handicraft industry in our country. Dhaka, the home of the world famous Muslin industry is still the leader with her fine sharees with ornamental designs and the famous Jamdani. The coloured sharees of Tangail, Pabna, Kustia, jamalpur, Mainamati, Jassore, Rajshahi, Sylhet etc are noted for beauty as well as durability. We have Khadi clothes made of hand-spinning charka in Noakhali and Comilla. Besides, we have rich resources in the fields of Conch shell and ivory works, handicrafts made of cane and bamboo, jute items, wood crafting, jewelry, sand portraits, metal, glassware, candle, brass and copper statue, pottery etc. Among other crafts we have silk products of Rajshahi, works of Carpentry in making different kinds of furniture for household and offices. Finally the Nakshi Kanthas are the products of art, skill and imagination of the simple village women of our country. The arts and crafts industry in Bangladesh is not new. It has been in existence for centuries. It was started by entrepreneurs who wanted to capture the small market with their products, but with the technological advancement the scope of our arts and crafts should be expanded to attract the global market. Arts and crafts keep up the heritage, tastes and genius of a nation. So our nation will be glorified if we can make our skilled artisans and craftsman the symbols of our national pride, acquainted with the world at large and this is possible through INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY.


o promote crafts industries in the current situation in Bangladesh, it is necessary to do some promotional works which need IT knowledge so that people may know about the range of products in those industries. So at present promotion is of prime importance in every business. In order to promote arts and crafts industries we should first communicate with people to provide them with the knowledge of IT and inspire them for new creativity and innovation in the fields of handicrafts. With the help of IT knowledge, we are able to change the thinking of people about the prospects of arts and crafts in running small business and thus they can achieve success and spread their creativity and innovations over the world. Our age-old home grown arts, skills and techniques were passed down from generation to generation, and for an artisan, it was a matter of great pride and respect to pass down his expertise to his or her posterity.

Our Handicrafts industry is struggling hard to cope with the changing times and circumstances. People today are increasingly opting for machine-made goods, in addition, there is also a general lack of awareness about such arts and crafts.

Most of our artisans come from the rural areas of the country and they lack the skills or even the resources to sell or promote their products. So we provide them necessary training and all kinds of e-support so that they can easily fix prices of their products. We act as their mouthpiece, inspiring and helping them to promote their creative impulse and also provide them with the access to the global audience; it is something that they would never achieve with a physical shop.

Modern Technology can be a wonderful device for communication and connections and ventures such as these can revive and bring a fresh spurt of life to the flagging crafts industry.

Deshojo Crafts is working for and committed to the promotion of the handicrafts industry in Bangladesh and giving it a shape for worldwide interest.

Introducing Deshojo Crafts:

Deshojo Crafts is a technology based platform where from IT experts and Crafts experts will provide help and cooperation the small and medium entrepreneurs and artisans by using e-commerce, software and apps.

With the advancement of science and technology there is a trend of online marketing, so our effort is to establish a worldwide online medium for introducing our local products crafts to the national and international levels. To materialize our dreams, we are working hard with a band of expert hands, well-equipped with IT knowledge and experience and efficient in technical devices.

We look forward to a bright future of national and global markets. Days are not far off when Deshojo Crafts brings the items of choice to the doorstep of every buyer.

Out Joint Venture

Deshojo Crafts is providing facilities for shopping, for buying and selling different items of crafts through online. This is an age of busy life and technicians are always ready for supplying the information regarding the availability of the chosen articles and make necessary arrangement so that the buyer can easily have their ordered goods at their doorstep within the shortest possible time.

Our Motto

We have establish our company with a definite purpose. We intend to achieve a global leadership in innovative techniques, especially in promoting and developing our crafts. We like to create opportunities for the poor and the down-trodden so that they can drive away the curse of poverty and earn their live hood by their physical labour. We like to train up the poor in the fields of arts and crafts by providing them with necessary technical knowledge for their works. We believe in the integrity and transparency in action and we are committed to maintain honesty in financial matters. At the same time we are also committed to giving importance or value to the people irrespective of caste, creed or colour. One of our main objects is to redress the suffering of the poor.

Why would you choose our online shopping?

  • We are committed to providing you the following:
  • You get shopping list easily
  • You can enjoy shopping
  • You are ready for the whole day shopping
  • You choose your item(s) from a large collection.
  • You have facility of online order and timely delivery
  • You find here system of payment very easy
  • You get form of both the quality and quantity
  • We have professional technical experts

We are a band of professional technical experts having global experiences. We believe in social bonding and we are always ready to give you information of the availability of your chosen articles and help you in online marketing or shopping. We always try to give you the best product as per as your choice from our online shelves and arrange for delivery of your ordered item(s) within the shortest time possible at your door.

Our online display board

Products for selling in the local and international markets will be displayed, pasted, and updated regularly.

One can make life easier by using online transaction and also make money.

It is a platform for developing, designing and manufacturing products to satisfy the customer’s needs.

Here the customer has option to select the items of his/her choice and feel a kind if comfort and satisfaction in dealings.

Our commitment to the customers

  • To provide easy shopping
  • To display a large range of products.
  • To offer the best quality product at the minimum cost.
  • To make access to online easy for customers
  • To render services with punctuality and honesty
  • To offer only Bangladeshi products.

Our initiatives and cooperation

We always take initiatives and render cooperation in dealing with different brands of Bangladeshi crafts sellers, suppliers, makers, manufacturers and above all, the most respectable customers.

We shall try our best to give satisfaction by our sincere services to the honourable customers and also to the artisans and craftsmen who produce different arts and crafts by the sweat of their brow.

We are to remember

Crafts are the objects of our pride because they bear the stamp of culture, heritage, tastes and genius of our nation, and Deshojo Crafts will always try for their promotion and development, and create a worldwide market for them


Nishat Mushfiqua


Nishat Mushfiqua

Founder, Deshojo Crafts
Managing Director, Raindrops Tech Ltd.
Team Leader, IT Expert & Social Change Maker

Youngest and the First female editor, from Bangladesh of an online daily news portal in Bengali “Sonali Sokal” and a leading fashion and sensational monthly magazine “Lifestyle Bangladesh”, Nishat Mushfiqua does not only exhibits her talents but also her vision and innovation towards the development of people. This is one of the few of her ideas.
She is a Software designer, animated film maker and Graphics designer. As a female entrepreneur she always gives priority to women and Children to build up their efficiency in different fields. For this she is used to taking motivational classes with them for empowering them.

Completed her MBA, with major in Marketing, Nishat knows how and where to represent what and to whom.

Working devotedly for the last few years, since her student life, she had been spending most of her times in the rural areas with the people to build up their future.

Nishat attended the Bangla New Year Festival in Tokyo. She represented the cultural heritages, crafts and traditions of Bangladesh to the people present there.
In 2010, Nishat started her works on Bangladesh Crafts and artisans in detail and presented them in her well reputed magazine `Lifestyle Bangladesh’. She published different features on the diverse problems of the artisans and handicrafts men along with their solutions. She also travelled widely, in those remote rural areas, to identify their problems.

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